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Plein Air Paintings

Waiting For a Break.jpg

Waiting For A Break'

8x10 oil SOLD

On A Clear Day.jpg
Sunlight & Shadows.jpg

On A Clear day

9x12 Oil SOLD

100 % Chance.jpg

100 % Chance

8x10 Oil SOLD

Sunlight & Shadows

9x12 Oil SOLD

View of Pikes Peak.jpg

View of Pikes Peak

9x12 Oil SOLD

"Cowboy Hill" 9x12 oil $325

Clausson Falls on the Mickelson" 8x10 oil $225

""Spring Creek Thaw" 9x12 oil $325

"Fishing at Hanna"

9x12  oil $325 SOLD

"Afternoon in the Big Horns" 9x12 oil $325 SOLD

Backroad to Victor.JPG

"White House on Nemo Rd."

9x12 oil  $225

Follow Me

"Follow Me" 8x10 oil $225


Back Road To Victor

9x12 Oil

Corner of Pine.jpg

"Corner of Pine"

Original Plein Air Oil

Won Best of Show BHPAP


Peace & Quiet.jpg


"Peace & Quiet"

Original Plein Air Oil


Miller Ranch Hill City.jpg
There is Beauty in Winter.jpg

"There is Beauty in Winter"

Original Oil 8x10


"Miller Ranch Hill City"

Original Plein Air Oil


Below Spearfish Hytroeclectric.jpg

Good Fishing Hole

8x10 $250

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