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Studio Paintings

Embracing Adventure.jpg
Fleeting Revelation.jpg

Fleeting Revelation

Original Oil 12x9


Elevating The Mundane.jpg

Celebrating the Mundane

Original Oil 16x12


Scenic Memories.JPG

Embracing Adventure

Original Oil 16x12


Scenic Memories

Original Oil 16x12


After The Storm.jpg
MIles and MIles.jpg

After The Storm

Original Oil 12x9


"The Fragrance of Rain"
8x10 oil  SOLD

Miles and Miles

Original Oil 

won Poster Award 2018 

Fairplay Co.


Prairie Roads.jpg
On Nemo Road.JPG

A Classic

Original Oil 12x9 $425

Prairie Roads

Original Oil 9x12


One Last Fling

Original Oil 7x5


"Tucked Away"

13x20 watercolor $525

"Members Only"

5x7 oil  SOLD

"Sunny Side Up"

5x7 oil $125

Finding Refuge.jpg

"Morning Light" 5x7 oil $125


"Peace & Quiet" 8x10 oil  SOLD

"Calming Waters"20x24 oil $1,320


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